Genevieve's Fall and Winter

Genevieve turned 1-1/2 years old this fall, and had lots of fun (usually getting as muddy as she could).
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It's Fall! And time to cover the garden. So I'm helping spread the hay around.

I like TV when there's something interesting on. I like shows about dogs, horses, pigs, and even bunny rabbits.

For Christmas I got this fuzzy squeeky moose, but now I'm very tired from playing with my moose.

First snow of the year! I forgot how much fun it was to run as fast as I can through it.

My nose? What do you mean there's something white on my nose?

Mmmm.... cool snow to rest on. Mommy and Daddy put up this fence to keep me out of the back garden.

Huh? Snow pellets on a retriever pelt? The queen has entered the room. You may now give me your kibbles and adoration.

I was taken aback by this other doggie in Whistler, B.C. I also got to try and roll in some more snow while there.

I went for a little swim, but can't seem... to hoist myself back up...

onto the dock... Aww, I'll just walk around instead.

I did get to meet some other puppies while in Canada. We decided to go hiking today, but what we did not expect was there to be 3 feet of snow on the trail.

But since I love snow, it was a great surprise! I could just stay up here all day.

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