Puppies at 47 days old

It rained all day on Saturday, so puppies were in their garage condo when we came to visit. They were pretty tired, as earlier they had all gotten out and were rampaging throughout the neighborhood!

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More cuddly than a Teddy bear. I like having my own kitty bed.

Stre..e..e..etch... Yaaa..aaaww..wnn...

I've got this rug all to myself! We all want to chew on the rug!

Retriever-in-training Can I chew on it too?

Genevieve is getting sleepy now... ...so it's time for a nap.

They look like little fluffy sheepskin toys. More fluffy Puppies

Will you take me home with you? I want to come home too!

Oh, when
Will my puppy come home?

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