Here are some examples of my flute playing.

Aromatic Cedar flute (from High Spirits)  3.6MB
In this excerpt I played a bass aromatic cedar 5-hole flute.

Poplar flute (from Kokopelli Flutes)  333K
This is an example of what my new poplar flute sounds like. It has a very nice 'chirp' when doing 'toots', so I emphasized that by using a reverb that enhanced the high frequencies. This flute also does glides very well.

Homemade 'Bamboo' flute 356K
This is a flute I made using a weed grass known as Mexican Bamboo or Japanese Knotwood (Polygonum cuspidatum). I was very surprised at how good the sound turned out!

Same flute with Cedar Block 610K
For the block, I replaced the bamboo shaving with a cedar block, which works much better. The background was recorded with a binaural microphone on an island beach in the Canadian San Juans.

Of course, all files were mixed and processed using Cool Edit Pro.

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